Thursday, June 9th

17:00-18:00    Registration (The Umbra Institute, Conference Stand )
19:00-20:30    Welcome Aperitivo  with Choral Perfomance by Coro Docenti Città             di Perugia – meet at the Fontana Maggiore at 18:45

Friday, June 10th

8:30-9:20    Registration (The Umbra Institute, Conference Stand)
9:30-10:45    Welcome Note (Francesco Burzacca, Director of Academic                 Programs – The Umbra Institute) and Inaugural Keynote                                  (Alice Julier, Chatham University), Umbra Institute, Sala
del Dottorato

11:00-11:30    Coffee Break  (The Umbra Institute, Cathedral’s Cloister)

11.30-12.50     Session I

Landscapes of Learning I  (Aula Magna)
Molly Anderson – The Evolution of Food Studies in the US
Marlene McCauley – The Learning Landscape of Guilford College: Food, Environment, and Community
Kyle Dell – Landscape of Curriculum: Creating Community and Curriculum at Guilford College

12:50-14:30    Lunch Break
14:30-15:30     Afternoon Keynote – Molly Anderson, at Sala del Dottorato

15:40-17:20     Session II

Landscape, Food and Tourism  (Aula 1)
Gaetano Di Pasquale – Il progetto Brunello Country Walk: una proposta innovativa di turismo del territorio basata sulla cultura del paesaggio
Sandra Radicchi – Cibo, paesaggio e cultura per un turismo nei piccoli centri delle Colline Metallifere in Toscana
Maria Rita Liuni/ Gisella Murgia/ Anna Maria Barreca – L’oro verde di Calabria: il bergamotto, l’essenza che ha ‘profumato il mondo’

Consuming Sustainably (Aula 2)
Elise Miranda – Integrating Distillery Grain Waste into Consumable Goods as a Means of Food Waste Reduction
Christina Solazzo – Transitional Landscapes of a Slow Winery in a Global Society
Kierstin Hatt – Food in the Emerging Landscape of In/En-vironmental Health

17:20-18:40     Session III

Landscapes of Learning II  (Aula Magna)
Zachary Nowak –A Pedagogy for an Interdiscipinary Field
Christopher Fink – Literal and figurative landscapes in higher education: Challenges and opportunities in food studies.
Siegfried de Rachewiltz – “You are what you eat”: understanding foreign cultures through food at Brunnenburg
Michael Lantow – Using The Kitchen to Restore Individuality in an Ever-Changing Dietary Landscape

19:45     Gala Dinner at Il Poeta Contadino (meet at the Fontana Maggiore)

Saturday, June 11th

9:00-9:45     Registration, The Umbra Institute, Conference Stand
10:00-11:00     Morning Keynote – Simone Cinotto, Umbra Institute, Sala del                 Dottorato
11:00-11:30     Coffee Break Coffee Break  (The Umbra Institute, Cathedral’s                 Cloister)

11:40-12:50     Session I

Food Landscapes Through the Ages  (Aula 3)
Antonella Valoroso – La tavola come paesaggio e il paesaggio in tavola: L’arte della tavola nel ‘700 e il servizio di porcellane Ginori della collezione Ranieri di Sorbello
Karima Moyer-Nocchi – Getting to Know You: International Cuisine and the 19th Century Italian Cookbook
Nelson Graburn – California Cuisine: Anthropologists,Tourism and Nostalgia

Food Provisioning  (Aula 1)
Jeremy Strong – The Forager Today
Joyce E. Chaplin – T. R. Malthus and the Hunting Mode of Subsistence
Robert Lemon –The Spatial Practices of Food Trucks

Food Memoires and Cookbooks (Aula 2)
Anne Urbancic – Fratelli Ingegnoli: Writing the Landscape of Italian Cooking in the Late Nineteenth Century
Julieta Flores Jurado – Demeter’s Garden in Two Contemporary Food Memoirs
Cindy Ott – Alma Snell: The Julia Child of Crow American Indian Cuisine

13:00-15:00     Lunch Break

15:00-16:40    Session II

New Food Landscapes and Communities   (Aula 1)
Sonia Massari – Design Thinking and Food Innovation: The Dynamic Use of Design Thinking Applied to Food Studies
Catherine Wickham – Do Communities Exist at the Intersection of Social Media and Food-related Information?
Katarzyna Dembska – Building a Sustainable Food Future: The BCFN Youth Manifesto
Elena Carbone – Case Study: Intangible Cultural Heritage and Food Botteghe in Rome
Jesse Dart – Expanding Corporate Food Programs in a Global Economy

Literature/Film Landscapes I  (Aula 2)
Cristiano Ragni –Food Fit for Heroes: Viking meals between epic and TV series
Camilla Caporicci–From Tea to Lembas Bread: the meaning of food in The Lord of the Rings
Marco Bagli –What do landscapes taste like? Evidence from Netflix’s The Chef Table

Food and Landscape as Cultural Heritage   (Aula 3)
Elisa Ascione – The orchard of forgotten fruits: landscape as memory and heritage in Umbria
Michael Di Giovine – Sustainable Foodways as Heritage? Culinary Landscapes as Idioms of Local Identity in Italy
Brad Jones – Consuming heritage: politics and patrimony in the reinvention of lowcountry cuisine

16:40-17:10     Coffee Break, The Umbra Institute, Cathedral’s Cloister

17:10-18:50     Session III

Panel Literature Film Landscapes II  (Aula 1)
Francesco Burzacca – Considerations on Food and Landscapes in the TV series Game of Thrones
Arthur Lizie – Dustin’ Crops Where There Ain’t No Crops: Food, Film, and Landscape
Francesca Calamita – Landscaping Eating Disorders in Contemporary Italian Women’s Writing

Consumption and Heritage  (Aula 3)
Kate Laubacher – Conviviality and Community: Third Places in the U.S. and Europe
Victor Geraci – California Cuisine: Making Slow Food Fast
Stefano Spillare – Agro-ecological Consumerism between Systemic Response and Glocal Reflexivity: the example of Organic Food Consumption

20:00-21:30     Informal Pizza Night (meet at the Fontana Maggiore)

Sunday, June 12th

9:00        Optional Excursion to Lago Trasimeno, Isola Maggiore, and                 Lunch at Typical Lakeside Restaurant  (Da Maria)-Meet                 at Fontana Maggiore at 9:00