Call for Papers

The Umbra Institute presents the third edition of the biannual

Food & Sustainability Studies Conference

Perugia, Italy—June 9-12, 2016

Perspectives on Food and Landscapes

The Umbra Institute is pleased to announce the third Food & Sustainability Studies Conference, to be held June 9-12, 2016, at The Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. Keynote speakers include Alice Julier (Chatham University), Molly Anderson (Middlebury College), and Simone Cinotto (University of Gastronomic Sciences). Please feel free to distribute this call to any and all colleagues who you think may be interested.




Geographer Denis Cosgrove, arguing that landscape is an ideological concept, says that “it represents a way in which certain classes of people have signified themselves and their world through their imagined relationship with nature […]”. This conference focuses on how cultural and social processes contribute to the creation of landscapes and their perception, and examines the relationship between food and landscapes. How have different groups shaped landscapes through food production and consumption? How have people altered urban areas with their food-related activities? Which rules have been designed to protect and enhance landscapes linked to specific foods and cultural heritages?


While we particularly welcome papers with a cultural, anthropological, or environmental studies approach (especially those that dialogue with the natural sciences), we are open to accepting papers from all disciplines. We encourage those interested in participating in the conference to submit an abstract for consideration. The following are the major areas of reflection considered here and for which the submission of proposals is invited:

1) Landscape as heritage: local knowledge and food productions;

2) Creating landscapes through fiction;

3) Landscapes and communities: social movements for food and the environment;

4) Water shaping landscapes: water management for food production, livelihoods and fisheries;

5) Food in endangered landscapes;

6) Tourism, food and landscapes;

7) Urban landscapes and food distribution.


Proposals should be submitted by 15 January 2016. All documents are preferred in English, though Italian will also be accepted. Proposals (no more than 300 words), along with a brief biographical statement (no more than 100 words) should be submitted as a single-spaced Word document via email to


Panels with three or four speakers can be proposed and will be given preference over single papers. For panels, a single Word document should contain the title of the panel, titles and abstracts of all the proposed papers, the name of the presenters, and their short biographical statements.


Deadline for proposals: 15 January 2016